What should your Chamber be working on in 2011? Give us your top 3.

We need to hear from YOU! As the Chamber begins the planning cycle, it’s imperative that we hear from you.    We need to know what top three priority issues that all six councils of the Chamber can work on together to successfully accomplish in 2011.  Number one being the most important.   In case you’ve forgotten, the Chamber’s six councils are:  Membership, Community, Economic, Communications, Tourism, and Governmental.

Leave your top 3 below.


5 Responses to “What should your Chamber be working on in 2011? Give us your top 3.”

  1. Jason Andrews Says:

    Education on how to market yourself and business while at the same time having a positive impact on the Community
    Education on Small Business start-up
    Education on how to be financially stable(personally and professionally) during an economic decline

  2. Bill Womac Says:

    1. Bringing more business to the downtown area.
    2. Work with the state to bring about “Mainstreet” status to Maryville thus increasing the tourism to the area.
    3. Push the state to change DT Broadway from a truck route as soon as possible to make DT a safer environment.

  3. Meredith Liemohn Says:

    Jobs, jobs and jobs!! People can’t buy a home or keep their home, feed their family, etc. if they dont have a job with a decent income. Support the existing businesses to help them keep employees.

  4. Chris Soro Says:

    1.Education should be a top priority. Whatever we can do to make our schools the best they can possibly be. This will strengthen our community at every level.

    2.Jobs are extremely important. Capitalizing on the momentum of Pellissippi Place and encouraging research and start-up operations are very important.

    3.Preserving and strengthening our Partnership. This has long been a differentiating factor. The friendships and close working relationships between community leaders and organizations are critical to a positive business environment.

  5. Teri Brahams Says:

    1. Continued support of members and existing businesses/employers
    2. Recruitment of new employers
    3. Continue work on education and workforce development

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